14 July 2021

A discussion on alternative practices of cartography; featuring leading international voices in architecture, landscape and art, in collaboration with Drawing Matter.   

In follow-up of our one-day forum on Saturday 10th July, our webinar extended conversations around experimental cartographic processes: exploring the half-place that exists between place and imagination, between objectivity and impossibility, truth and myth, the tangible and the ephemeral; charting places that were, are, and could be. 

Conversations expanded beyond traditional map-making conventions and mediums to consider experimental drawing methods including notation, translation, fiction and projection; practices that provoke the imagination and inhabit the terrain inside the “mind’s eye”. How does the language of cartography curate and shape the way in which we imagine, and how do we begin to chart and document spaces and territories that exist primarily in the mind? 


Dr Mira Sanders: Inland voyage in an inland voyage (Visual Arts, KU Leuven, Ghent)
Francesca Benedetto: The Sound of the Woodpecker Bill (Landscape Architecture, Practitioner / University of Harvard)
Aisling O'Carroll (Landscape Architecture, The Bartlett, UCL)

Conversations were chaired by curators and architectural researchers Kirsty Badenoch and Sayan Skandarajah. Original works from the speakers are displayed as part of the forum exhibition at Omved Gardens throughout July.

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