Foraging Dinner

29 July 2021

An experimental dining experience, tracing the journeys of the food we grow, sense and savour; and re-orientating ourselves with nature through the meeting of food and drawing.

We invite you to become guests, explorers and inadvertent artists on a three-course culinary exploration around the magical greenhouse and gardens of Omved; to consider our precious and delicate relationships with food; and to trace the beauty and transience of the natural world around us.


Our three-course journey leads us through the fruits, vegetables, flowers and leaves we grow at Omved, foraging seasonal produce and considering new ways of harvesting, repurposing and cherishing all parts of the plant. We will throw our crockery to the wind and invite you to touch, smell, pick and pluck your way through each course, engaging our senses and bodies.

Food is a beautiful weapon to support nature conservation. It is a creative tool I nurture and constantly evolve with, from the seed in the soil to the produce in your gut - mindful, sustainable and holistic food for all is my motto' - Jo March


As every action we make leaves a trace upon this Earth, each course will be recorded through an inadvertent drawing created by the food itself, and by our own organic process of meeting, eating and conversing together. The evening forms part of the Cartographies of the Imagination Drawing Laboratory: A series of experimental workshops exploring how we navigate, perceive and translate the world around us through drawing.

Cartographies of the Imagination explores the outer limits of what a map can be, interrogating the bit of lost land that falls between the pages of an atlas, journeying to places known, unknown, forgotten and fictional’ - Kirsty Badenoch

A Couple More Clues

The evening’s menu will be grown in- and around- the gardens, it is vegan, gluten-free, zero-waste and creates minimal washing up. Be prepared to expect the unexpected and to get your hands dirty. Some of the evening will be conducted outside, please dress appropriately and don’t wear your Sunday best. As the menu is plant-based, some nuts will be included. Tickets strictly limited.

The evening also offers a private viewing of the Cartographies of the Imagination exhibition, with a chance to talk with artists/curators Kirsty Badenoch and Sayan Skandarajah. The resulting drawings from the Foraging Dinner will be exhibited in the exhibition at Omved Gardens until 31.07.21

The project is a creative collaboration led by Kirsty Badenoch - artist/co-curator of Cartographies of the Imagination and Jo March - Omved’s resident creative chef; in conversation with the creative minds and talents of Maia Magoga, Buster Lauret, Sebastian Grey-Jung and Sayan Skandarajah.
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